Are you a working couple or parent and you feel you would benefit from an extra pair of eyes and hands for your children? Why not try our top quality childcare services with our experienced staff so you can rest at ease and give proper attention to your job or business. Whether you are looking for a live-in or a live-out Nanny or Nanny/Housekeeper you can rely on our experience in finding the right candidate for you.
A Nanny/Housekeeper duties include general housekeeping, laundry, ironing, basic family cooking, care of pets and childcare.










Childcare may include any of the following:


Making bottles, feeding, sterilising bottles, changing nappies, bathing, toileting, potty training, dressing and undressing, taking to school and activities, collecting from school, accompanying to school trips, outings and holidays, playing, tidying up toys, babysitting.
When the Nanny or Nanny / Housekeeper take sole charge role her responsibilities in household chores should be reduced to ensure the safety and well-being of the children. Babysitting should be booked in advance by the employer.