Housemen / Drivers

stock-photo-hands-on-car-door-310658993Strong interpersonal and communication skills are a must for a Family Driver as he/she will be in close contact with his/her employers and their families on a daily basis.  It is also very important to have a keen knowledge of the streets and landmarks surrounding the employer’s home, work and school and must abide by all DVLA driving regulations.


Family drivers are sometimes required to work non-traditional hours such as evenings, weekends and during family holidays.


Employers expect flexibility, the willingness to work long hours, a clean driving licence and a good track record of safe driving.  Other responsibilities include maintaining and cleaning the vehicles, running errands, school runs, walking the dogs, light gardening and any other reasonable tasks to fill in the time when he/she is not driving.






A Handyman is a skilled worker who can perform a wide variety of odd jobs at residential properties both indoors and outdoors.  Duties may include property maintenance, painting, minor repairs, clearing common areas, fixing any safety hazards, putting together furniture and other equipment, installing appliances and machinery, clearing rubbish,  minor plumbing and carpentry, electrical, carpentry and liaising with contractors and other workers.